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About Us

Lerouge Consulting is where creativity meets business. There comes a point on our entrepreneurial journey where you start to feel that  “itch”, that sense that there is another level to your career- but might be a little unsure how to get there. Lerouge Consulting main goal is to support creativepreneurs and small business owners by providing them with consulting, social media marketing, branding management, and the additional guidance and resources to alleviate them to that next level.


We handle all PR opportunities, specialize in curated brand partnerships, and we specialize in creating branding events perfect for networking and showcasing your brand’s products in the best way possible. For current and prospective clients, we offer many different packages to cover all bases and budgets. Whether you're an artist, influencer,  or small business owner, Lerouge Consulting wants you to succeed!



(Noun)  /cre.a.tiv.pre.nur/

Someone who takes their creative & innovative talents and turns it into a business.